Kathryn E. Kasper

Kaity serves clients in the insurance industry and understands the challenges, priorities and myths surrounding their business. “The scrutiny and inaccurate judgments make it harder to work with opposing counsel or claimants—and, at times, mediators and judges—and overcome those opinions,” Kaity says. “I find these challenges are often overcome with good humor and a friendly rapport coupled with strong knowledge of established case law that governs insurance cases.”

Kaity worked for a major insurance carrier where she gained firsthand knowledge of claims handling and the level of support needed from outside counsel to resolve coverage issues. “I understand my client’s priorities,” she adds. “I learned what’s most valuable to them and the pressures they face outside of litigation deadlines imposed by the court. Understanding their everyday needs and demands, I’m able to tailor my advice, narrowly focus where my time is spent and provide streamlined guidance.”

She is actively involved with both the Defense Research Institute and the American Bar Association’s Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee, having served as editor for many of their publications and speaking at conferences. Kaity also regularly speaks before the Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys. “These connections keep me current in the insurance industry and enable me to keep my clients up to date as well,” she says.

In her appellate practice, the challenges of advocacy also provide rich opportunities for Kaity’s creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. “I enjoy working with my clients to identify what may or may not have worked within the lower court to determine how to effectively repackage those arguments into something that will succeed at the appellate level.”


Loyola College in Maryland, B.A.
Virginia Commonwealth University, M.P.A.
University of Richmond School of Law, J.D.

Admitted to Practice

District of Columbia
North Carolina

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