Timothy D. Patterson

Tim Patterson understands that litigation is more than arguing to a jury. Success is the result of developing client-centered solutions and combining them with creative and articulate legal advocacy.

“The prospect of litigation prompts varied reactions from healthcare providers,” says Tim. “Whether it brings personal emotional turmoil or raises stressful business challenges, I strive to help clients be comfortable with the process and engage their unique concerns. My goal is to provide legal insight that isn’t just regurgitated from a law book, but specifically honed to create meaningful solutions for the people involved. We achieve the best results when clients see us as trusted partners working together with them to solve a problem. If I can help providers not to worry about the lawsuit, we can empower them to be invaluable assets in their own defense.”

Clients refer to Tim as their trusted advocate, and for good reason. His knowledge of the law and determination to deliver an impactful and persuasive presentation are the very skills that captivate judges and juries and lead to favorable verdicts. “I don’t believe in boring legal argument,” Tim adds. “The art of effective advocacy is in breaking down complicated medical and legal concepts to make them interesting and engaging. I try to never lose sight of what our presentation will sound, look, and feel like to people who have never heard our case.”


University of Richmond, B.A.
University of Richmond School of Law, J.D.



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