Clay Landa
Podcast Narrator
Corbin Santo
as “Chandler"
Michelle Calloway
as “Meredith Connolly"
Megan Dhillon
as “Monica"
Mary Malone
as “Meg Harris”
Andrew Schutte
as “Aaron Wise”
Emily Towey
as “Eunice"
Colin McCarthy
as “Carl"

Meet regularly. Integrating the compliance program into regularly scheduled meetings of various departments can help providers proactively identify and mitigate risks to the organization.

Ask questions. Employees at all levels should feel empowered (and be encouraged) to ask questions about the compliance implications of business decisions without fear of retaliation.

Investigate thoroughly. Once a potential compliance issue is raised, a thorough investigation should be conducted as quickly as possible involving all relevant parties.

Report up. Compliance issues should be reported up through the chain of command, especially when decisions about retaining counsel and reporting overpayments need to be made.

Close the loop. When a compliance issue is resolved, close the loop with all involved so that employees have closure and understand that the organization takes compliance seriously.

The Unknown Unknowns podcast is a one week, 5-episode podcast, which exposes the complexities of a compliance investigation in a typical healthcare organization. Please join us as Hancock Daniel celebrates Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week in this spirited dramatization of a billing compliance matter – acted out by Hancock Daniel’s own lawyers and staff. You may follow us on Facebook and Twitter during Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week as we post daily tips regarding compliance. We invite you to also visit to subscribe to Hancock Daniel’s Alerts and Advisories on many relevant healthcare topics.