Beth A. Norton

Beth is passionate about defending healthcare providers in medical malpractice claims, regulatory board complaints, and complaints made to accrediting organizations. “These are my people and my heroes,” Beth says. “They go bravely into battle every day to save and improve lives, which is often underappreciated and almost always undervalued. When patients don’t experience the outcomes they hoped for or expected, as naturally occurs even with the best care, they often blame their providers, which shatters them to their core. It’s my honor to represent and defend them, and to ease the emotional, professional, and financial burdens placed on them because of those claims.”

Beth also understands that a healthcare provider’s policies and procedures are only as valuable as they are practicable. “It’s difficult to appreciate the everyday challenges healthcare personnel face without having walked the floor in their shoes,” says Beth. Beth’s nursing background allows her to anticipate the barriers to policy implementation on the front end and to communicate its purpose and facilitate the implementation process on the back end.

In addition to advising and defending healthcare clients, Beth enjoys educating healthcare providers, particularly nursing professionals, in regulatory, business and litigation matters. “Nurses know that I understand them, and for that reason, they trust me when I tell them something is important or effective.” Beth has recently presented on such topics as Informed Consent and Capacity Determinations, the Importance of Good Nursing Documentation, the Top 10 Reasons Nurses (and their employers) Get Sued, What Every New Physician Needs to Know about the Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws, and Innovations in Payor/Provider Relationships.

Academic Credentials
A.S. Nursing – Community College of Allegheny County B.S.

Political Science – Old Dominion University

J.D. – University of Virginia School of Law


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