Gerald C. Canaan, II

Jerry Canaan doesn’t like surprises. And, during an investigation or hearing, he doesn’t like clients to be surprised either. “I relentlessly prepare our clients so they know what to expect,” says Jerry. “To do this takes experience and knowledge of the ever-changing and heavily regulated healthcare industry.”

He knows that licensing and other government investigations not only scare providers, the sheer magnitude of these investigations also threatens their livelihood and interferes with their ability to deliver healthcare. “I take the fear, worry and emotion out of the process by anticipating client needs,” Jerry adds. “I provide practical advice in layman’s terms and manage their expectations.”

For almost 25 years, Jerry has represented both institutional and individual healthcare providers in hundreds of cases in almost every discrete healthcare specialty. And, helping them remain poised for the unknown is his goal. “My approach preserves reputations and careers,” he says. “If any of us were permanently judged by our worst day, we would all be in trouble. Counseling clients is as important as advocating for them. Our experience allows us to predict issues or problems that the client may not foresee and form a strategic plan to avoid them.”

Jerry’s practice focuses on administrative law, telemedicine, medical staff issues, peer review investigations, dispute resolution, health care risk management, regulatory compliance, and the licensing of health care providers. He represents individual providers, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, pharmacies, and long-term care facilities with compliance and licensing matters before State Boards and Federal agencies. Jerry has significant experience representing individual providers who are being investigated by licensing boards, the HHS Office for Civil Rights, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and other Federal agencies. He also provides compliance and risk management advice to health care providers with a special emphasis on government investigations and inspections; telemedicine; audits; reporting requirements under State and Federal law; reimbursement disputes; HIPAA; pain management regulations; provider disputes with insurance companies; and peer review/privileging/credentialing disputes.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.A.
University of Richmond School of Law, J.D.
Virginia Supreme Court, Chief Staff Attorney’s Office, Clerk



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