Michael Faust

Michael advises and represents clients in defense of their medical practice as an associate attorney at Hancock Daniel. With a background in representing Plaintiffs, Michael has a firm understanding of Plaintiffs’ strategies and uses that background to vigorously defend medical professionals faced with litigation. Michael’s goal is to provide sincere and individualized representation and to ensure that the most persuasive and sound defense is pursued.

Michael received his Bachelor of History from Old Dominion University with a minor in Public Law. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from American University Washington College of Law, and while earning his degree worked at a civil litigation law firm in Silver Spring, Maryland. After graduating from American University Washington College of Law, Michael began his career representing Plaintiffs in personal injury and malpractice cases where he gained extremely valuable experience before joining Hancock Daniel to represent medical professionals.

Academic Credentials

Old Dominion University, B.A.

American University Washington College of Law, J.D.



Full Bio

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