Sean P. Byrne

Insight, instinct and inherent persuasiveness are the winning credentials that have guided Sean Byrne when defending healthcare professionals in malpractice litigation. And, for more than 20 years, Sean’s reputation for being prepared, thorough, tough and fair in and out of the courtroom has earned clients’ trust and delivered favorable outcomes.

“Medical malpractice litigation has a serious professional and personal impact on healthcare providers,” Sean says. “The cases are complex and the stakes are high. Providing the best defense requires detailed understanding of medicine, mastery of the law, courtroom experience and tireless service excellence. Most of our cases involve significant patient injuries or adverse outcomes that invoke genuine jury sympathy. Overcoming that sympathy and earning a fair result at trial requires attention to detail, expert analysis, and persuasive advocacy.”

Sean’s expertise and readiness puts Hancock Daniel clients and insurance carriers in the best position to secure a pretrial dismissal where possible. When tough cases must go to trial, Sean has the fortitude to face opposition and the skill to win. He is described as compassionate and understanding with clients, while tough but fair to opponents.

Sean also serves as adjunct associate professor at the University of Richmond where he teaches courses on trial skills and healthcare law. He is frequently invited to speak on topics of risk management, patient safety and medical malpractice litigation, and has authored dozens of articles in leading law and medical publications on similar topics.


University of Richmond, B.A.
University of Richmond School of Law, J.D.
Virginia Certified Emergency Medical Technician (2005-2009)


New York

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