Zada Hall

“Healthcare regulations change and evolve nearly as quickly as the medical field itself.” In the fast-paced environment of healthcare administration, clients need a trustworthy partner to distill complex regulatory issues into cohesive and actionable advice.

“An effective advocate in healthcare must pair a robust knowledge of relevant legal frameworks with a nuanced understanding of medical trends.” Zada appreciates the need to stay appraised on cutting-edge developments so as to provide the best counsel possible to her clients. She has written and researched extensively on topics including telemedicine, cybersecurity, AI-enabled medical devices, critical access hospitals, international medical tourism, and abortion regulations. By keeping abreast of advancements in healthcare, Zada believes she is better able to communicate on evolving issues and help her clients achieve their goals.

Zada first joined Hancock Daniel as an intern with the litigation team. The passion and dedication of her mentors at the firm motivated Zada to pursue a career in law, and she is proud to work alongside those mentors as an associate today. Since her days as a litigation intern, Zada has shifted focus to corporate compliance, but still enjoys bringing a novel perspective to regulatory issues. Zada seeks to provide clients with streamlined solutions to challenges in compliance, reimbursement, and risk management.

Academic Credentials
University of Virginia, B.A.
William & Mary Law School, J.D.


Full Bio

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