Guardianship & Conservatorship

From the solo practitioner to the large healthcare system, Hancock Daniel offers guidance and legal solutions to handle the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare landscape. As leaders in the field of health law, Hancock Daniel attorneys offer a unique blend of experience, innovation, responsiveness and clear communication that is widely recognized for its effectiveness.

When a patient or resident becomes unable to manage his/her medical decisions and/or financial affairs, it may be appropriate for a healthcare organization to step in and file a petition for the appointment of a guardian and/or conservator. Hancock Daniel provides guidance through the petition process which allows providers to expedite necessary  medical treatment, assist with discharge planning when appropriate, organize a patient’s finances, and facilitate payment collection for services rendered.

The appointment of a guardian and/or conservator for an incapacitated patient allows the provider’s focus to be on care.  Hancock Daniel’s attorneys have substantial experience in establishing guardianships and conservatorships, and tailoring each case for the particular needs of the individual patient.  From the initial filing through the hearing, Hancock Daniel counsels providers through this complex process. Recognition of the need for appointment early in the care process is key, and will help avoid risks that can escalate later.

Guardianship Services:

  • Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings
  • Determination of Incapacity
  • Medical Decision-Making Alternatives
  • Judicial Authorization of Treatment
  • Discharge Dilemmas
  • Appropriateness of a Guardian
  • Family Conflict
  • Due Diligence on Available Relatives
  • Public Guardianship Program Assistance
  • Guardianship Modifications


Jennifer L. Stevens
Jennifer L. Stevens
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