IT procurement & Licensing

Few healthcare providers could survive these days without appropriate information technology systems. Providers require appropriate information to treat patients, and require appropriate revenue cycle management in order to continue operations, and both of these functions are highly dependent upon IT systems. Hancock Daniel recognizes the criticality of IT systems for these and other business operations. Hancock Daniel has extensive experience in the IT procurement, licensing and contracting process. This experience includes assisting clients with development of requests for proposals and development of bidding processes, assistance with evaluation of vendors, contract review and negotiation, development of implementation strategies and coordination among vendors for multi-platform/multi-vendor/interrelated projects. Effective contracting can help to reduce the risks of “finger-pointing” among different vendors involved in an integrated project, and can save time and expense in avoiding problems in implementation and management of IT projects. Many believe that a vendor’s “standard” IT agreement will be non-negotiable, but the fine-print within such agreements often include waivers that can lead a customer with few rights in the event of a problem. A careful review and negotiation of these terms can often be invaluable in the event of a problem with the vendor, software or services.

Hancock Daniel’s knowledge of HIPAA, reimbursement requirements and other legal standards applicable to healthcare providers often proves valuable in achieving the goal of identifying and contracting for IT solutions that improve care as well as a provider’s bottom line. Hancock Daniel’s experience includes representation of hospitals and health systems, physician practices, laboratories, DME suppliers, nursing homes and other post-acute care providers, home health providers, hospice providers, and assisted living facilities.

IT Procurement and Licensing Services:

  • EHR/EMR Agreements
  • General IT Service Agreements
  • Telemedicine System Agreements
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreements
  • Human Resource/HR Management Software Agreements
  • Billing Software Agreements
  • Revenue Cycle Management Software Agreements
  • Agreements for Software for Quality Assessment/Improvement
  • Other IT Products and Services


William H. Hall, Jr.
William H. Hall, Jr.
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