Licensure, Certification and Enrollment

To remain profitable in today’s healthcare market, keen strategic planning is a priority for all providers. Whether your organization plans to establish a new service line, discontinue underutilized services or qualify for more favorable Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, you must navigate through a complex array of regulatory filings and approvals – the steps can be numerous and timing is everything. One misstep can result in delayed implementation of the project, or even worse, large gaps in reimbursement and cash flow. Hancock Daniel partners with healthcare providers to provide regulatory support during both the strategic planning and implementation phases of all types of development projects. With expertise in licensure, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment and certification, Hancock Daniel develops project timelines, completes regulatory filings, and troubleshoots the regulatory approval processes.

Licensure, Certification and Enrollment Services:

  • Initial Licensure and Certification of New Providers/Suppliers and/or Service Lines
  • Changes of Ownership, Acquisitions, Mergers and Consolidations
  • Provider Replacements and Relocations
  • Swing-Bed Approvals
  • Psychiatric and Rehabilitation Distinct Part Unit Approvals
  • Closure of Facility and/or Service Line
  • Conversion of Freestanding Facilities to Provider-Based Hospital Departments
  • CMS 855 Changes of Information and Changes of Ownership Filings
  • Bed Increases, Decreases or Relocations within Certified SNFs/NFs
  • Critical Access Hospital and Sole Community Hospital Designations

Let Hancock Daniel help your organization successfully navigate the regulations maze of licensure, certification, and enrollment.


Emily W.G. Towey
Emily W.G. Towey
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