Risk-Bearing Entities & Risk-Based Contracting

As healthcare providers seek to get closer to the insurance premium dollar through the acceptance of greater risk, different infrastructure and competencies need to be developed and regulatory impediments need to be navigated. Hancock Daniel frequently represents providers in the development of employer and provider sponsored organizations that allow the sponsoring organization to accept additional risk. Providers are now routinely at risk for efficiency or cost, quality and outcomes. More and more providers are seeking greater risk, even insurance based risks which is rapidly becoming a topic in nearly every board room today. Hancock Daniel assists providers along the spectrum from developing quasi-insurance capabilities to forming true state licensed insurance carriers for the purposes of accepting greater risk.

Risk-Bearing Entities and Risk-Based Contracting Services:

  • Insurance Carrier Information, Acquisition and Investment
  • Captive Formation
  • Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Governance
  • Tax and Benefits
  • HIPAA and Privacy


James (Jim) M. Daniel
James (Jim) M. Daniel
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