Risk Management

In today’s health care environment, litigation is on the rise and payments to health care providers are being increasingly subject to hitting quality benchmarks and avoiding costs associated with hospital-acquired infections, readmissions etc. So, managing risk is more important than ever. Hancock Daniel’s Risk Management Team supports hospitals and health systems, physician practices, laboratories, DME suppliers, nursing homes and other post-acute care providers, home health providers, hospice providers, and assisted living facilities in managing various liability and operational risks in an era of increased regulation and litigation.

We provide risk management advice in “real time,” because we know many risk management questions on issues such as informed consent, substitute decision-making and the like cannot wait until Monday morning to be resolved. Hancock Daniel clients have access to our risk management services 24/7.

Risk management services:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act Accommodation Issues
  • Accreditation, Licensure and Certification
  • Adoption/Surrogacy
  • Confidentiality and Medical Records Disclosure
  • Compliance with Conditions of Participation
  • Crisis Management
  • Discharge Dilemmas
  • Documentation and Medical Record Issues
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Ethics and Patient Care
  • HIPAA/HiTech
  • Informed Consent/Health Care Decisions
  • Medical Errors Disclosure
  • Medical Records Disclosure
  • Patient Abandonment
  • Patient Terminations
  • Patient Complaints/Grievances
  • Patient Rights
  • Patient Safety & Quality (Patient Safety Organizations)
  • Patient Transfers (EMTALA)
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Root Cause Analyses and Joint Commission Compliance
  • Scope of Practice

These are times when managing your organizational risks are crucial and Hancock Daniel is here to help your organization address those risks effectively and efficiently.


B. Page Gravely
B. Page Gravely
Mary C. Malone
Mary C. Malone
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