Substance Abuse/Addiction Treatment Services

With the growing demand for substance abuse and addiction treatment services, this industry is complex and evolving at a rapid pace.  Hancock Daniel’s Behavioral Health Practice Team has worked closely with a broad range of inpatient and outpatient facilities and providers who deliver these crucial services.  We routinely help providers with licensure and payor enrollment of inpatient psychiatric, detox, medical stabilization, OBOT/OTP/MAT services.  We also support individual mental health professionals and their practices. Our team provides support and legal advice on all substance abuse/addiction treatment services from regulatory matters and compliance to daily operations and strategic growth opportunities.


  • Regulatory support in the planning and development of substance abuse/addiction treatment services
  • Licensure and certification of new providers/suppliers and/or service lines
  • Pharmacy/DEA permit requirements
  • Telehealth
  • Medicaid enrollment and billing
  • Licensed entity structure
  • Staffing requirements for OBOT/OTP/MAT
  • Local business license requirements and filings
  • Physician and mid-level practitioner credentialing
  • Risk management services
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliance assessments, breach analysis and breach notifications
  • EMTALA issues and surveys
  • Opioid legislation
  • Changes of ownership, acquisitions, mergers and consolidations
  • Board investigations and disciplinary issues involving healthcare professionals


Mary C. Malone
Mary C. Malone
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