Veterinary Law

We offer the same comprehensive legal services to the veterinary medical industry as we provide to our human healthcare clients. Our team can assist with business negotiations, employment and personnel issues, general and professional liability, licensure and matters before the Board of Veterinary Medicine, FDA and other state and federal regulatory agencies.

There have been a number of recent developments in the veterinary medical industry and we make sure our clients stay abreast of the changes. For example, the number of private veterinary practices purchased and consolidated by corporate management groups has skyrocketed. Having expert advice and evaluation of all aspects of a deal – from purchase terms, asset ownership and corporate structure, to ongoing management, earnouts, exit multiples and restrictive covenants – is essential for a successful negotiation. Whether a practice is being purchased, merged or sold, Hancock Daniel’s experienced business attorneys can help.

Our telehealth team is well versed in the unique licensure and regulatory boundaries that apply to veterinary telehealth. In addition to changes and growth on the telehealth front, our attorneys actively follow other industry developments including FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine’s ongoing review of the regulation of veterinary compounding; new requirements for the oversight, direction and use of antimicrobials; and increased enforcement of the rules prohibiting the sale and promotion of unapproved new animal drugs. Our Life Sciences, Healthcare Innovation, and New Product Development group can help both practitioners and other industry participants stay compliant and succeed in this complex regulatory environment.


Ashley Dobbin Calkins
Ashley Dobbin Calkins
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