White Collar & Government Investigations

When a business or individual is facing federal or state government scrutiny, they need experienced attorneys to help them successfully navigate those waters. Hancock Daniel’s White Collar and Government Investigations team focuses on providing effective representation for our health care clients, as well as other businesses and individuals, facing federal or state investigations and enforcement actions. Our team also provides corporate compliance and internal investigations representation, geared towards helping businesses to identify, manage, and fix problems before they get out of hand.

With over 25 years of combined federal and state prosecution and supervisory experience, the White Collar and Government Investigations team:

  • Provides full-spectrum representation for clients facing civil and criminal investigations and enforcement actions involving health care fraud, the Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark Law, the False Claims Act, the Civil Monetary Penalties Law, and related areas;
  • Represents businesses and individuals in other federal and state matters involving allegations of corruption, financial fraud, money laundering, racketeering, tax fraud, and other violations;
  • Conducts internal investigations aimed at swiftly identifying problems and working with clients to neutralize vulnerabilities and protect their future; and
  • Provides compliance representation geared towards helping clients to critically analyze and improve their policies and practices ahead of government scrutiny.

Our White Collar and Government Investigations team possesses the depth, experience, and talent required to minimize our clients’ exposure and effectively defend them in any state or federal enforcement actions. We also work with our clients to create sound internal policies aimed at preventing fraud, abuse, and employee misconduct before it happens. These efforts help avoid expensive and time-consuming investigations and send a strong message to the government about our clients’ culture and commitment to internal review and improvement. That compliance credibility pays significant dividends across the board – now and for years to come.

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