Workers’ Compensation

Health care providers are employers too. Injuries for healthcare providers and employees are evitable and often costly. Our Workers’ Compensation team offers experienced representation at all administrative levels, starting at the Workers Compensation Commission level, and through any necessary appeals. Our attorneys work with self-insured entities, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators to achieve expeditious and favorable resolutions of workers’ compensation claims.

In addition to the defense of Workers’ Compensation claims, our attorneys work with healthcare providers to support other Workers’ Compensation needs. We advise clients on risk management, safety matters, return-to-work programs, and internal company policies because an ounce of prevention truly can be worth a pound of cure. Our team also routinely handles attorneys’ fee claims arising out of Workers’ Compensation matters where the healthcare provider’s first claim notice is often a letter from a claimant’s attorney demanding thousands of dollars. Our attorneys have also worked on numerous Workers’ Compensation reimbursement disputes. Hancock Daniel’s attorneys provide a cost-effective one-stop-shop for the Workers’ Compensation needs of healthcare providers.


Kimberly W. Daniel
Kimberly W. Daniel
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