John S. Buford

In more than two decades of practicing law, John Buford has never confined himself to one niche of business litigation. It’s a choice that has not only broadened his professional experience and allowed him to adapt his skills to clients’ varied and ever-changing needs, but also redefined his “comfort zone” to one ruled by flexibility, complexity, and technology.

He litigates disputes between businesses as well as internal disputes among business owners, officers, directors, and employees in matters spanning the spectrum of business and employment issues, including commercial and contract disputes, corporate and LLC governance disputes (a.k.a. the “business divorce”), trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property, defamation, business torts, noncompete and nonsolicitation, discrimination, retaliation, wrongful discharge, construction, and land use.

“Business litigation is not a commodity and it doesn’t usually work with an off-the-shelf solution. Every client has different facts, different personalities, different risk tolerance, and different goals, and so does every client’s adversary. Understanding and harmonizing all of those factors is key to the two things I offer a client: my judgment, i.e., advice and evaluation of different strategies and potential outcomes, and my advocacy, i.e., persuading a judge, jury, or arbitrator to rule in a way that comes closest to the client’s chosen goal.”

In addition to his work representing clients, John also serves as a member of the American Health Law Association’s panel of arbitrators.

Academic Credentials

University of Virginia, Economics & Government, B.A.
Washington and Lee University, J.D.

Admitted to Practice

North Carolina

Full Bio

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