Exposure to adverse litigation outcomes is not limited to trial courts. Federal and state appellate courts frequently have the last word on whether a claim has been successfully prosecuted or resisted. For that reason, an experienced and successful team is crucial.

But achieving appellate success begins far before an appeal is filed. Critical decisions are made throughout litigation that can affect a case’s outcome long after the jury has reached its verdict. Our team of litigators work hand-in-hand throughout the life of a case—from filing of the suit until entry of final judgment. This ensures that from the outset that judicial errors are preserved and complex procedural rules are followed, thereby optimizing the probability of success.

Litigating cases on appeal requires teamwork, an attention to detail, and specialized knowledge of the particular challenges faced. At Hancock Daniel, we emphasize these themes when advancing or defending against an appeal. And although no two appeals are the same, our specialists come to each appeal with a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in advocacy. Hancock Daniel’s knowledgeable and experienced team identifies the most salient issues to an appeal in written briefs and effectively argues these points during oral argument before the court. Hancock Daniel’s appellate team has litigated appeals before the Virginia Supreme Court, various federal appellate courts, and the United States Supreme Court.

Years of effort are invested litigation. An experienced, professional team will assist in preserving those efforts. Leave nothing to chance.


Michael E. Olszewski
Michael E. Olszewski
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