The ever advancing speed of technological development has greatly enhanced the ability of health care providers to provide services to their patients as well as allow greater operational efficiencies for business administration. The increasing use of technology such as electronic medical records, email, and mobile technology, however, has fundamentally altered the litigation discovery process as well as the way health care providers must respond to government inquiries, investigations, and subpoenas. Opposing parties in medical malpractice suits and commercial litigation, as well as government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General, and state Medicaid Fraud Control Units are increasingly requiring electronic production of electronically stored documentation and correspondence. In the new world of big data, health care providers need an experienced team on their side to ensure a thorough and legally defensible production of electronic documents and data.

Hancock Daniel’s E-discovery Team supports hospitals and health systems, physician practices, laboratories, DME suppliers, nursing homes and other post-acute care providers, home health providers, hospice providers, and assisted living facilities with their E-Discovery Needs including the following:

E-Discovery Services:

  • Overall Project Management of the E-Discovery Process
  • Custodian and IT Staff Interviews and Information Gathering Responsive to the Discovery Request
  • ESI and Document Collection
  • ESI Searching and Filtering
  • Document Review with a Focus on Cost Efficiencies, Compliance with Discovery Requirements, and Protection for Privileged and Protected ESI
  • E-discovery Related Litigation Support
  • Production of Documents in Industry-Accepted ESI Formats

Hancock Daniel’s E-Discovery Team is made up of attorneys whose first focus is on health care, with the experience to understand the complex legal world and responsibilities of health care providers.

E-discovery is the new normal in litigation and government inquiries, and Hancock Daniel is here to help your organization provide an efficient and defensible response to electronic discovery requests.


Neal H. Lewis
Neal H. Lewis
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