Energy/ Renewable Energy

Our Governmental Affairs team assists industrial customers, corporations, associations, and individuals with a number of energy related issues, including issues related to renewable energy.  We draw upon our experience and relationships to take a comprehensive approach in solving our clients’ needs.

Our Governmental Affairs team has favorably secured legislation in the Virginia General Assembly regarding renewable biomass as well as represented or supported counsel in matters pending before the State Corporation Commission regarding transmission line locations and transmission line viewsheds.  We have successfully navigated the repurposing of an industrial site with an incumbent utility to pass through power arrangements to tenants of the site.  We have engaged on wind turbine site selection and wind turbine site size issues.  Our team has represented a wholesale power producer in the sale of power to various municipal power customers throughout the Commonwealth.  We have advised providers of solar power equipment in business matters with commercial and industrial customers and have represented solar providers on legislative and regulatory matters involving renewable energy pilot programs.


W. Scott Johnson
W. Scott Johnson
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