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Five-Star Ratings for Home Health Agencies: The Next Step in Increased Regulatory Focus on HHAs 12/17/14
What a Treat: The OIG Releases the FY 2015 Work Plan 11/18/14
Practical Tips for Asserting and Obtaining Categorical Waiver for Use of Power Strips in Patient Care Areas 11/5/14
CMS Proposes Modernization of Home Health Agency Conditions of Participation 11/3/14
CMS Issues Additional Guidance on the Implementation of New LTCH Moratoria 10/30/14
The IMPACT Act of 2014: Significant Changes in Data Reporting and Possible Payment Changes 10/17/14
Significant Changes to Five-Star Quality Rating System for Nursing Facilities 10/17/14
Coping With Death. . .Certificates: Virginia’s Electronic Death Certificate System and Renewed Guidance Assist Providers with Final Acts of Patient Care 10/6/14
DEA’s New Rules allow Hospitals and Clinics with On-Site Pharmacies to Receive Unused or Unwanted Prescription Drugs 9/15/14
OIG Report: Nursing Facilities’ Compliance with Federal Regulations for Reporting Allegations of Abuse or Neglect 9/3/14
BREAKING: CMS Announces Settlement to Resolve Appeals Backlog 9/2/14
DEA’s Rescheduling of Hydrocodone Combination Products Will Lead to Stricter Controls 8/26/14
Update: CMS Announces Two New Initiatives to Reduce Medicare Appeals Backlog 7/14/14
CMS Issues Final Rule Making Significant Changes to Hospital CoP Requirements for Medical Staffs, additional changes to Hospital CoPs 7/11/14
Crafting Corporate Religious Exemptions: What Hobby Lobby Means for Health Care Employers 7/8/14
Supreme Court Decision Impacts Many 2012-13 NLRB Case Decisions 7/2/14
Changes to ECO and TDO Laws Seek to Curb “Streeting” in the Wake of Deeds Incident 6/26/14
Don’t Turn a Blind Eye: 2014 Medicaid Provider Reimbursement Changes You Should Know 6/26/14
Next of Kin and Unclaimed Remains 3/26/14
In Small Win for Providers, CMS Announces Pause in RAC Audit Activity and Changes to RAC Program 2/21/14
Medicare Appellant Forum Recap: OMHA Overwhelmed with Appeals Backlog, Providers Will Wait Close to 3 Years for a Hearing 2/21/14
Time to Get to Work: The OIG Work Plan for 2014 2/5/14
CMS Proposes to Take Emergency Preparedness to the Next Level by Imposing Extensive Planning, Assessment, and Training Requirements on All Facility-Based Providers 1/28/14
Medicare Coverage for Maintenance Therapy: CMS Implements Changes to Manual Provisions in Wake of Jimmo v. Sebelius Settlement Agreement 1/21/14


CMS Encourages PSO Proliferation with Delayed PSES Requirement: Green Light for PSOs, Yellow Light for PSES Requirement 12/2/13
CMS Forbids Facility-Wide No CPR Policies in Nursing Facilities 11/8/13
CMS’ Evolving Guidance on the new “Two Midnight” Rule for Inpatient Admissions 11/8/13
Virginia Makes Plans to Implement ACA Medicaid Provider Screening and Enrollment Regulations 8/7/13
Rebilling and Two-Night Stays: CMS Releases 2014 Inpatient Prospective Payment System Final Rule 8/6/13
Final Version of the Health IT Patient Safety Action and Surveillance Plan Published: Impact for Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) 7/15/13
Virginia Medicaid RAC Program Starting: Is Your Organization Ready? 7/12/13
Virginia Law Does Not Permit Physicians to Issue A Verbal Do Not Resuscitate Order By Telephone or If Not Physically at the Patient’s Bedside When the Patient Arrests 7/11/13
The OIG is Targeting Provider-Based Billing…is Your Hospital Compliant with the Rules? 6/19/13
“Carving-Out” Medicare Patients Is Not Enough to Assuage Anti-Kickback Concerns Under New OIG Opinion 6/19/13
Virginia General Assembly Update for Employers: Secret Ballots and Confidential Information 6/17/13
Virginia Department of Health Issues Updated Guidance on IFFC Procedure 6/12/13
Paying the Plaintiff? Send the Notice Letter! Virginia’s Payee Notification Act Va. Code Ann. § 38.2–236 Effective July 1, 2013 6/11/13
NLRB Continues to Actively Challenge Employee Terminations 6/11/13
OIG Updates Guidance on Exclusion Screening 5/15/13
More Proposed Rules Targeting Short Stay Admissions: CMS Seeks to Define “Inpatient” in the Proposed FY 2014 IPPS Rules 5/15/13
Spring Cleaning: CMS Busy Updating Survey Guidance and Policy 5/15/13
Recovery Auditors Begin Medical Record Reviews of Therapy Services Exceeding the Therapy Threshold 5/14/13
The Wait is Over: The Governor Has Approved the Virginia Emergency Regulations for Nurse Practitioners – Ensure Your Practice Agreement is Compliant 5/10/13
New Virginia Statute Puts Hospitals and Other Health Care Providers at Risk for Untimely Claims Submission 4/24/13
FMLA Update: Is Protected Leave Available to Care for Adult “Children?” 4/16/13
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: CMS Offers Hospitals Part B Compensation Following Part A Denials, but its Proposed Rule is Flawed 3/27/13
The Edits Are Coming! CMS Implementation of the “Ordering/Referring Rule” Set to Begin on May 1, 2013 3/27/13
Update on 2013 Virginia Tort Reform 3/27/13
Proposed Regulatory Changes Impact Hospital Medical Staff Structure and Other Provider Requirements 3/26/13
Office of Inspector General Finds Skilled Nursing Facilities Often Fail to Meet Care Planning and Discharge Planning Requirements 3/12/13
Court of Appeals Upholds Kaiser Decision: Major Impact for Graduate Medical Education Reimbursement 3/5/13
Submission of Claims to Healthcare Providers and Assignment of Benefits to Obtain Motor Vehicle Expense Coverage 3/5/13
OIG Issues Advisory Opinion No. 12-22 Providing Additional Guidance on Performance Payments in Co-Management Arrangements 2/28/13
Gun Control’s Effect on the Changing Landscape of Mental Health Laws 2/7/13
New HIPAA Regulations Require Updates to Policies, Procedures, Business Associate Agreements and Notice of Privacy Practices 1/31/13
Fiscal Cliff Bill Changes “Provider Without Fault” Time Period: The Potential Effect on Audits 1/9/13
New Year, New Guidance: Virginia Office of Licensure and Certification Releases New Guidance on Transfer and Discharge Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities 1/7/13

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